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In this training, we will cover... 

Three Steps to a More Intentional Life

Chart the Course

Unawareness could be the very thing that is holding you back from greatness. This training will bring your weaknesses to light.

Set the Intention

Visualizing your dreams in order to make them a reality. But are your dreams realistic for where you are at? In this training, we will dive into what it takes to get you there.

Live Fulfilled

After using the Wheel of Life proven method, you will be on the path to a successful life of joy.

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Jon Giganti.

Jon is a student-first and loves to coach and teach.

A former Division One collegiate athlete and twenty-three year corporate sales leader, Jon is a catalyst who helps individuals, teams and organizations score sustainable wins.

Jon is a Vice President at CCC Intelligent Solutions, a multi-billion dollar SaaS company.  He’s also a writer, podcast host and keynote speaker. Jon resides in Columbus, OH with his wife, Michelle, and three children.


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