The world is distracting.

Are you paying intention?

Our fast-paced lives don’t allow much time for reflection. In our relentless pursuit of more, most of us end up with far less.

Peace eludes us. Frustration finds us and unfulfillment permeates our souls.

In 2013 author Jon Giganti nearly became another statistic. His job hung in the balance, and the condition of his marriage was even worse. When he looked in the mirror, he didn’t like the person looking back at him. As a father of two, he knew something needed to change.

Thankfully, he received a second chance.

Working harder wasn’t the answer. Focusing more wasn’t going to fix it this time. Jon needed something drastic. He started paying intention, and when he did, the solution emerged slowly but steadily.

Jon discovered a process that changed everything—but firstly him.

This is where true transformation always begins, with ourselves.

As you discover what it means to live with intention, you’ll see how wrapping purpose around life is not only possible it's essential to living a masterpiece. Begin the path to unleashed influence, uncommon results, and ultimate fulfillment starting today.



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