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"Jon’s vulnerability is both refreshing and needed in today’s world.

He provides a practical and executable framework to lead your life with greater intention and ownership. This speech will help you become the person you were called to be and empower you to realize that past failures don’t define you. The principles Jon shares will enable you to evolve, serve others, and work toward your full potential."

—Alan Stein, Jr.
Keynote Speaker, Corporate Performance Coach, and Author of Raise Your Game

"Jon spoke to my team a few years ago, sharing the principles of living with intention.

We were blown away by his passion and ability to help us identify and take action to change our professional and personal lives for the better. I’m still using several of the ideas today and seeing real results. Now a few years later, Jon has continued to grow and is sharing even more of his learnings. If you’re looking for a real world guide with easy application to take ownership and create a new future, Jon is the speaker for you."

—Josh Thompson
Senior Vice President, GM Onstar Insurance

The world is distracting.
Are you paying intention?

Our fast-paced lives don’t allow much time for reflection. Peace eludes us. Frustration finds us and unfulfillment permeates our souls.

In this USA Today best-seller, you’ll see how wrapping purpose around life is not only possible but essential to living a masterpiece. In this breakthrough book, you’ll learn and leverage the five components of the With Intention Wheel™: Awareness, Agency, Ambition, Action, & Adjustment. 

Begin the path to unleashed influence, uncommon results, and ultimate fulfillment starting today.



Do you feel like no matter what you try, success comes at significant cost?

In our relentless pursuit of MORE, most of us end us with far LESS.

True transformation always begins with ourselves. You have the power to be more intentional in your life. (And... it’s not as hard as you might think it is.)

Throughout this course you’ll learn and leverage the five components of the With Intention Wheel™:

  • Awareness: Identify your personal blindspots and professional gaps so you can step into your genius and make your time count.
  • Agency: Take complete ownership of your past and present so your focus stops getting “hacked.”
  • Ambition: Create a new future that reflects your ideal legacy.
  • Action: Leverage the right mindset so you can win more days and achieve your vision.
  • Adjustment: Forever evolve so you contribute to your world in a meaningful way.

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Meet Jon Giganti.

Jon is a student-first and loves to coach and teach.

A former Division One collegiate athlete and twenty-three year corporate sales leader, Jon is a catalyst who helps individuals, teams and organizations score sustainable wins.

Jon is a Vice President at tech company, CCC Intelligent Solutions. He’s also a writer, podcast host and keynote speaker. Jon resides in New Albany, OH with his wife, Michelle, and three children.



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With Intention Podcast

Life comes at us fast and it's hard to keep up - being more intentional about how we go about it is crucial. Hosted by Jon Giganti, a former division one college athlete and twenty-year sales leader in the Tech Industry, this show includes dozens of  interviews with top leaders in many industries to bring practical advice for you to live a more intentional life.


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