3 Things: Building a great team, navigating resistance and doing the work

Aug 18, 2022

Thoughts: I’m very close to finishing my book – it’s gone to final editing! I’m very excited to get out in the wild and add value to the world (and, you!). I’ve learned a lot through this process. It was hard and fun at the same time. Much like running a marathon except hitting many walls along the way instead of just one at mile 20 : )

I love Steven Pressfield’s book, “The War of Art”. It’s a must-read for anyone doing creative work and, dare I say, we all do creative work. It’s an easy read and one I often go back to. He talks a lot about “the resistance” and how to overcome it. It’s real. I feel it often. Do you? Although not perfect through this process, I learned that if I could just get my butt in the seat, set a timer and write (even if everything was bad coming out), progress would happen. Just like working out where you don’t want to do it at first…and then after about a 10 minute warm-up and a little sweat going, you have a great work out. Same thing here. It’s a great reminder to push through the resistance and take action. I’ve heard Tony Robbins say “motion over emotion” and there’s some great truth to that.

Also, surrounding yourself with the right team is paramount to your success. Too many people try to fly solo on things. Find the right support system. My wife and kids have been amazing through this process, allowing me the time to write (and, Michelle is pretty darn good editor!). My publishing team and developmental editing partner, Kary, has been phenomenal. I couldn’t have done this without him and his team.

Quote: “The heaviest weight at the gym is the front door.” – Ed Latimore (hat tip to James Clear for referencing this quote)

Call to Action: What’s one area of your life today that you’re experiencing resistance and can you take action despite that resistance?

Have a great rest of your week!



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