3 Things: Building margin into your life so you can be at your best more often

Jun 16, 2022

Thought: Your ability to slow down enables you to speed up when you need to.

Content: In this 2 minute clip, Chet Scott and Brett Kaufman talk about the power of margin (watch here). Chet compares margins in a book and how they relate to our lives. In a book, there’s white space at the top, bottom, left and right for a reason – why? – to give your eyes and brain a rest. We need to think like this in our lives. Building rest and margin is crucial to stay productive, effective and less stressed.

Call to action: Can you intentionally build margin into your day? Can you build time into your calendar and stick to it? If you have the flexibility, schedule a 10 minute break after each 60-90 minutes of work (at minimum). Get away from your phone and any screens. Go for a walk and recharge. Can you try this today? How about right now?

I hope you’re finding value in these bite-sized posts. I’ve had fun producing these and I love hearing from you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any thoughts or your own experiences.

Thanks for reading!



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