3 Things: How to compete better

May 11, 2022

Thought: Working hard and competing is a difference-maker. Don’t ever settle and think that you’re not in a battle. Often times, our biggest obstacle is ourselves. If you can win the battle between your ears and keep working, you’re off to a good start.

Content: In 2015, Timothy Bradley defeated Brandon Rios in a big boxing title fight. In between one of the later rounds, Bradley’s trainer, Teddy Atlas, delivers the goods as he lights a fire under Bradley to keep working and finish the fight. I get juiced every time I watch this. I hope it does the same for you (it’s only about 1 minute to watch, but get ready, it will fire you up!). Teddy Atlas To Timothy Bradley “WE ARE FIREMEN!” – YouTube

" Are you ready for the fire? We are firemen. WE ARE FIREMEN! The heat doesn’t bother us. We live in the heat. We train in the heat. It tells us that we’re ready, we’re at home, we’re where we’re supposed to be. Flames don’t intimidate us. What do we do? We control the flame. We control them. We move the flames where we want to. And then we extinguish them. – Teddy Atlas

Call to Action: What obstacle is in your way today? Can you think about the one thing you can control and influence that can address the obstacle and move in the right direction? Start small. What’s the one action you can take now?

I hope you’re enjoying these bite-sized posts. Please don’t hesitate to let me know your thoughts and anything I can do to make these more valuable.

Thanks for reading.

With Intention,


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