I’m super excited to write this email (With Intention, the book, is finally here!)

Oct 23, 2022

Finally, the day is here! After an 18-month process and really a lifetime dream of being a published author, my book, With Intention, launches this week! We’re doing an official kickoff Tuesday night at 8pm EST. I can’t thank YOU enough for your support! The fact that you’ve been in this community and have given me permission to enter your inbox for the last dozen or so years means the world. I don’t take that lightly.

Writing this book was the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I had a lot of help along the way, especially from my friend and publisher, Kary Oberbrunner. We will be talking about the book tomorrow night on Facebook Live at 8pm EST.

This book isn’t about me though. It’s about helping others and igniting souls. Mental health is no joke and there’s still a stigma associated with it. I hid for many years and was afraid to talk to people about my struggles. Keeping everything in led to some hard things, including high levels of anxiety and depression.

It’s okay to not be okay.

If you’re struggling or know someone who is, there’s hope. You have to “take out your trash” and help others do the same. We live in a broken world. Simply opening up and not giving “it” the power is life-changing.

Thankfully, and by the grace of God, I found a path to rebuild my life and career and have been blessed to be in a much better place today. Here’s what I’ve learned – Setbacks will happen. Adversity will come. But, with an intentional approach to growth and contribution, you can do amazing things – find your identity, discover peace and live a fulfilling life.

I’ve taken my journey and learnings in business, sports and life and created a framework for individuals, companies and teams to grow and serve. That combination – growing and serving – is a recipe for really good things and I believe an antidote to mental health challenges and an unfulfilling life.
My hope is that this book serves anyone who reads it and provides hope and an actionable approach in a challenging world.

Here’s the overview of the book from the back cover:

The world is distracting. Are you paying intention?

Our fast-paced lives don’t allow much time for reflection. In our relentless pursuit of more, most of us end up with far less. Peace eludes us. Frustration finds us. Unfulfillment ravages our souls.

In 2013 author Jon Giganti nearly became another statistic. His job hung in the balance, and the condition of his marriage was even worse. When he looked in the mirror, he didn’t like the person looking back at him. As a father of two at the time, he knew something needed to change.

Thankfully, he received a second chance.

Working harder wasn’t the answer. Focusing more wasn’t going to fix it this time. Jon needed something drastic. He started paying intention, and when he did, the solution slowly but steadily emerged.
Jon discovered a process that changed everything—but first it changed him. This is where true transformation always begins, with ourselves.

In With Intention, you’ll see how wrapping purpose around life is not only possible but essential to living a masterpiece. In this breakthrough book, you’ll learn and leverage the five components of the With Intention Wheel©:

  • Awareness: Identify your personal blind spots and professional gaps so you can step into your genius and make your time count.
  • Agency: Take complete ownership of your past and present so your focus stops getting “hacked.”
  • Ambition: Create a new future that reflects your ideal legacy.
  • Action: Leverage the right mindset so you can win more days and achieve your vision.
  • Adjustment: Forever evolve so you contribute to your world in a meaningful way.

Attention requires a focused mind. Intention requires a focused heart.

Begin the path to unleashed influence, uncommon results, and ultimate fulfillment starting today.

If you’re interested in checking out the book, you can find it here: https://jongiganti.com/withintentionbook/

Again, I can’t thank you enough for your support. I cherish every email I get back from you all when I publish something. It really does mean a lot and I feel very blessed to be able to add value to your lives in some way!

Thanks for being alongside me in this journey!

With Intention,



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