Joshua Scott Interview – Finding order amidst the chaos

Jan 02, 2019

“When you’ve got predictability then you can go off course…having to figure out less actually frees you up to think in different, creative ways.”

Joshua Scott

I recently had the chance to sit down and talk to Joshua Scott. Josh (@joshuascott) is the co-founder & CEO of marketing firm, Studio 8e8. He’s also a speaker & consultant who’s primary focus is in the dental industry. He and his partners started Studio 8e8 a few years ago and they are a thriving start-up in this space. They’re taking what some may call a “boring” industry and flipping it on it’s head with cutting edge marketing and content strategies. Joshua is a rare breed – a visionary and creative who also has the uncanny ability to execute day to day and also find the right work/life balance. You can find more about Joshua and his work here.


In this conversation, we discuss:

  • Empowering & building into his team
  • How he builds a culture of trust
  • The “sweet spot” between boredom & chaos to work & live intentionally
  • How he gets back to the “sweet spot” if he gets off track
  • The importance of margin & protecting your time
  • Schedule Once – A platform that helps him manage his schedule
  • The power in the “process” and how to leverage for more creativity

I hope this adds value to you. Thanks for watching! You can find more of our interviews and episodes here.

Big congrats to one of our earlier guests, James Clear, who’s book, Atomic Habits, is a NY Times Best Seller! You can watch my interview with James on building game-changing habits here.

Thanks for reading & watching!



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