Taking Action

Jun 03, 2021

We’re on step four of the Intention Flywheel. And, that’s simply this – taking action. As a reminder, the first four steps – Awareness, Agency & Ambition. Awareness is simply where you are today. Agency is taking ownership and controlling what you can control. Ambition is your desired state or target – the outcome you’re looking for. And, now step four – Action. This is the work. I believe it’s the hardest part but the most important. To close the gap, you have to move toward your outcome, whatever that is.

I’ll use sports and business as an example because that’s what I know well. Ask any coach or player that’s done anything meaningful and they will tell you it’s the unseen hours when no one is watching – that’s where championships and games are won. It’s the same in business. I bet it’s the same in your world, whatever that is. James Clear says that performing an action or a bit is simply a vote for the person we’re becoming. I’ve been sitting through Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within conference this week – he said something really powerful yesterday – it went something like this….any goal you have and achieve isn’t really about achieving the goal. He said it’s more about the person you’ve become by moving toward achieving that goal. I’ve heard others say that before and I believe it’s powerful.

Be the person that does the work. Show up consistently. It’s okay to dream big dreams but it’s the daily actions, the moments, that matter. Once I realized that it wasn’t about wanting a title or a successful career – it was more about doing the work and being a person of value in every interaction – that changed everything for me.

Do the work. Serve. Add value. And good things will happen.

Step 5 coming next week.

Enjoy the weekend & thanks for reading.



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