The Giving Mindset

Nov 18, 2012

“From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.”

Arthur Ashe

Think giving.

Pretty simple concept, isn’t it? I was fortunate to attend a couple recent services at my church where our pastor spoke about the importance of giving. This is what he called it – Think Giving. If you’re reading this Joel – yes, I’m stealing this phrase : ) and piggybacking your message. With Thanksgiving coming up, it was such a great reminder of what’s important in life.

We get lost in a world of wants and forget about the true needs we have. Whether it’s the latest LED TV, the newest Iphone or the trendiest clothes, we get stuck in this endless cycle of “getting”.

We want to make more money so we can buy X. Or, we want to befriend so and so because they can help us meet people…or, further our business.

It’s hard. It really is….to think about giving before anything else.

I started this blog as a way to give something to my children if I wasn’t around. I’ve always gravitated toward a contribution mindset, but until my kids were born, I never really got it. I can honestly say that my primary mission in life is to make them proud to call me dad. Am I always successful? No chance. I stumble. We all do. But, I always go back to this prevailing mission. It fuels me. It’s also my son, Gabriel’s, 5th birthday today. I can’t believe how fast that time has gone.

It’s really about changing your mindset. Can you challenge yourself to focus on giving first? In business, can you contribute to a relationship and not expect anything in return? Trust me, I know this is a lot harder than it sounds. I’m in sales so it’s easy to fall short here.

What about your friends? Your spouse? Your parents? Are you investing first in those relationships?

This even goes for yourself. Are you giving yourself the respect and the credit you deserve? Are you feeding your body and mind with the right fuel?

There’s no better feeling than giving back and wanting nothing in return. You see, you always get so much more than you give when you take this approach.

You can take this approach in any facet of life. Just give it a try. It’s easier to do this time of year but the more you take on this mindset in your daily life the more authenticity you will start to feel. I promise you.

You don’t have to change the world to make a difference. One action, one word, one thought can mean a world of difference to someone.

Happy Thanksgiving to you.

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