Be Bold and Visualize Success

Jan 11, 2010

If you had a chance to watch the NFL playoffs this weekend, you saw some interesting results. All four games ended up much different than expected and the Jets/Bengals game was no exception. I was watching the pre-game on Saturday and the NFL Network interviewed Jets coach, Rex Ryan, before the game. The reporter asked Ryan about an itinerary he gave his team during the week. Turns out, Ryan gave his entire team a detailed itinerary that included the Bengals game, the second round game next week, the AFC Championship game in two weeks and the Super Bowl two weeks after that. It didn’t end there, and this is the best part. Ryan had February 9th highlighted on the itinerary. If (or in Ryan’s case, when) the Jets win the Super Bowl, February 9th is the date the Champions parade would be held in New York City.

The Jets are the last seed in the AFC (6 out of 6) and 50 to 1 odds to win the Super Bowl. It doesn’t matter. Ryan has his team visualizing success. Not just today, but a drawn out plan that culminates in their optimal goal. Even if they don’t reach their ultimate goal, he has his team thinking the right way. He’s building a great foundation. If I’m a player, that’s the type of coach I want to play for.

This is a great lesson. When you start thinking about what you want to accomplish, be bold. Think about the ultimate goal. Plan out your itinerary. I’m a die hard Cleveland Browns fan, but I will be rooting for the Jets as long as they’re in the playoffs.


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