It’s not business…it’s personal

Apr 27, 2018

Yesterday, I was reminded of this. We hosted a client function at a great spot in Columbus called The Seasoned Farmhouse. It was a private dinner in a fantastic space. We ate some great food and drank some good wine. There really wasn’t much business talk. It was mostly personal, just getting to know each other on a deeper basis. I think this is underrated…the business piece is, of course, crucial. We provide software, service and consulting – and we must always add value with that. The personal piece, however, that’s where you build meaningful impact. They go together, I believe. My friend, Shep, has a saying that is something to the extent of this, “be interested, not interesting”. I think it’s a great way to think about it. If you struggle to build personal relationships (aka trust), whether it’s in work or life, be interested in the other person. Ask questions. Be sincere. You’ll be amazed at how that strengthens the relationship.


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