Jim Johnson – The Catalyst Sessions – Episode 5

Dec 10, 2013

Never before had I made a coaching move with this kind of impact. Never in my career had I felt such emotion. You’d think we had just one a championship. It wasn’t a buzzer-beating basket; it wasn’t a heave from half-court that made the place go nuts. In fact, it wasn’t even a play. All I had done was turn toward the player with uniform number 52, point my index finger at him, and say, “J-Mac.”

– Coach Jim Johnson (from his book, “A Coach and a Miracle”)

On the night of February 15th, 2006, Coach Johnson called Jason McElwain’s number. In an inspiring, kind-hearted gesture, he put his autistic student-manager into Greece Athena’s final home game. In the final four minutes, J-Mac scored 20 points, including six three-point baskets and turned a high school gym into the world’s biggest party. Jason and Jim became instant national celebrities and were featured in almost every major news outlet in the country.

I’m so excited and humbled to share this interview with you. Coach Johnson talks about what that night was like and what impact it’s had on the world over the last several years. He also outlines his Six Keys to Success which are highlighted in his book, “A Coach and a Miracle – Life Lessons from a Man Who Believed in an Autistic Boy”.

The Six Keys:

  1. PASSION – Find what you love to do & make it a big part of your life
  2. MISSION – Write your own personal mission statement
  3. GOALS – Write your goals down every day
  4. PERSEVERANCE – Make a list of ways to overcome your obstacles
  5. CARPE DIEM – Treat everyone like a million dollar customer
  6. TEAM PLAYER – Do something everyday to serve others.

Jim Johnson was the Catalyst behind one of the greatest sports moments, or really life moments, we have ever witnessed. The miraculous story of 2/15/06 will live on forever. It has given those that face challenges and adversity what all humans desire – HOPE.

What we all want in life is a shot, but what’s important is what you do with that shot. Congratulations to Coach Johnson and J-Mac for making the most of their shot in life.

You can listen to our conversation right here…

Here is some video from that unbelievable night…

You can learn more about Coach Johnson at his site – http://coachjimjohnson.com/

You can order the book, “A Coach and a Miracle”, via Amazon right here.


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