Practice (and Built to Lead)

May 03, 2018

I’ve just started doing some work with Built To Lead. It’s hard to put into words without experiencing it but they build leaders through a very introspective process. I’ve had two sessions thus far and have already seen tremendous value. What I love is that there are no short cuts. I know I must do the work to get better. It’s hard work. My builder, David (as they call their coaches) doesn’t mess around. He asks tough questions and has been through this process. The biggest thing I’m learning is to slow down and engage. Dig deep in what I’m doing. Be present more. Read stuff but don’t read to check the box. It’s hard work. It’s not comfortable. It’s not the norm for me. I’m ready though and I’m looking forward to sharing more with you as I embark on this journey of daily practice…to get better…and hopefully become Built to Lead.


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