Roy Hall on Staying Driven & Making a Difference

Apr 01, 2021

It’s easy to talk a big game. To say you’re going to do this or do that. We’ve all stepped on our words at one point or another. Action speaks louder than words. It’s as simple as that. In anything we do, it’s about taking action. If you want someone on your team to act differently, model the way. Take action. Sure, you can point it out to them but it’s the modeling they see and emulate that matters. If you want your child to be more patient and less triggered, you need to be more patient and less triggered. That’s some advice for me, by the way : ) See, it’s easier said than done.

The Driven Foundation Co-Founder/Executive Director, Roy Hall Jr., joins me in this episode. Roy is also a former Ohio State Wide Receiver and played a few seasons in the NFL, primarily for the Indianapolis Colts. I get fired up every time I talk to him! His infectious passion is undeniable. We talk many things including erroring on the side of love, making a difference and embracing the process. My biggest takeaway was his wisdom about actions over words and he shares a story of Peyton Manning calling him out in pre-season one year. Injuries cut his football career short but Roy hasn’t skipped a beat making an impact. Driven provides families with basic human needs to combat poverty and build independence. This episode was motivation for me to find more ways to give back. I hope it does the same for you! I hope you enjoy.

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You can find more about Roy and The Driven Foundation here.

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