3 Things: Communicate more clearly & increase your influence

May 24, 2022

As I’m writing my first book, I’m working hard on writing so it’s frictionless for the reader. This isn’t easy. Here are three things around the topic of communicating more clearly:

  1. A concept: The Feynman technique will help you communicate more clearly. It was popularized by physicist Richard Feynman. He aimed to simplify his communication of complex ideas. Here’s the gist—make your communication style so clear and simple that a second grader can understand it. If you want to explore further, check out this article on Farnam Street.
  2. A quote: “Say a little and say it well.” Irish Proverb
  3. A call to action: How can you simplify your communication to make it easier to understand for the reader (or listener)? Can you communicate a message in six words or less?

I hope these bite-sized posts are adding value to you. If you try this out or have any thoughts, I’d love to hear about it. Feel free to pop me a text at 614.264.7528 and let me know (or respond to this email). Thanks for reading!

Until next week,



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