Adjust & Adapt

Jun 18, 2021

Hey there. We’re on to the fifth and final step in the process toward a life of Intention – Adjust and Adapt. Just like a fighter pilot who has to consistently assess inputs and make adjustments to stay on course – you need your own situational awareness and you must take a look at your current results to see what needs to change (or not change).

This is a continuous process. The entire intention flywheel is. It really boils down to this – knowing where you are today, determining where you want to go in the future and then doing the work to get there. But, you must adapt. It’s not rocket science but I promise you this process works.

Do you like the outcomes you’re getting today? If so, great. Do more of what’s getting you there. If not, make an adjustment. Sometimes small adjustments can make a big difference. I don’t know what that is for you but I encourage you to do think through that. What’s working, what’s not working…and adapt.

Have a great weekend!


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