Sep 30, 2014

Hi and greetings from St. Louis. I’m at the airport, just returning from a funeral service for a friend/colleague’s dad. Second funeral in the last month….although the last one was much younger – a good friend’s wife passed away at the early age of 40. For this one, Mr. B. was close to 80 – not that it’s any better.

I’m reminded of the fragility of life. As I see Emerson (my 10 month old) take her first steps (and she’s walking a ton already!), I reflect on how important it is to embrace life. It’s so easy to say….very hard to actually live.

My dad was recently diagnosed with Lewi Body Disease, which is form of Dementia. It’s been a pretty good dose of perspective. I’m damn proud of him. He’s been courageous throughout and has a good sense of humor about it. I’m scared too for him….his health is declining fairly quickly.

We are all busy….all busy. I get it. Work, family, friends, social life….we are going, going…and going. I get it. It’s time we smell the roses a little bit isn’t it? We strive for the nice house and new car and the epic vacation….but are we really living the day to day the way it’s meant to be? Are we enjoying and embracing the journey? I say this as a mea culpa b/c I know that I need some help with this. How about you?

I marvel at Emerson’s first steps….my son Gabe’s work ethic on the soccer field and his sweet smile off it….and Reese’s charming and eccentric personality. But, I’m afraid that sometimes I’m not in the moment. My wife and I were watching some videos of the kids from about five years ago last night….kind of random as they popped up in my Dropbox folder. Wow – time is flying! Gabe was just a little tike with a cute little voice…..and now he’s growing up so fast.

That’s okay. It starts with awareness.

I’m challenging myself to be more aware….to be more present. I throw that challenge out to you as well…are you embracing the moment?….the struggle?….the joy?….

How about we do it together?

All the best,


**Here’s my dad with baby Emerson….and Gabe and Reese enjoying a fun day at a Pumpkin Patch recently!


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