How to Ignite your Creativity

Nov 14, 2011

“Counter-intuitive as it sounds; it’s the undoing that plants the seeds of the greatest doing.”
Jonathan Fields

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I’m reading Jonathan Fields new book, “Uncertainty”. The premise is all about taking a leap and overcoming your fears to accomplish great things. It’s a great read.

The quote about refers to the times when our greatest creative breakthroughs happen. I know I get stuck in the daily grind and keep hammering away. Although this is often times necessary, one of the habits I’m trying to build is to take a step back and take time to let the creative juices flow. The analogy of planting seeds is something that resonates with me. In order to grow, we have to look at ourselves and what we’re trying to accomplish from a different perspective. This isn’t easy in today’s world. It takes effort, planning and hard work.

Some ideas that may give you a different perspective on igniting your creativity:

  • Do nothing – just sit for a bit. Early in the morning is best.
  • Write what’s on your mind at the start of the day or before you go to bed
  • Exercise – My best ideas always come during a physical activity
  • Take a walk – Look at your surroundings. Breathe in the air. Enjoy nature and all of it’s beauty.
    What gets you going? Think about where you have your best ideas. We’re all different. It takes an observing mindset to really understand yourself. The more you understand, the more you can leverage this time.

Some exciting news coming soon:

I’ve been thinking a lot about where 1440 is going and how I can make an impact on people’s lives. In the near future, I will be announcing some changes to the site and will be adding more content. In addition, I will be opening up my coaching partnerships to a limited number of people. I look forward to sharing this with you. Stay tuned and thanks for supporting 1440!

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