Resiliency is key…

Jul 01, 2021

Of all the people I’ve interviewed and all the experiences in business, sports and life, if I had to pick one secret sauce it would be this – resiliency. The ability to keep fighting. To get back up when you’ve been knocked down. To compete and keep working. That’s magic. When you fail, can you rebound? When you experience a setback, can you leverage it for good?

I had a chance to sit down with Danny Bader recently. He exudes resiliency and teaches us how to cultivate more of it.

Danny is a professional coach, author and speaker. He literally died many years after he was struck by lightning, then came back to life shortly after. His story is inspiring and his energy is off the charts. Every time I talk to Danny, I learn something and I get a ton of inspiration.

I had the fortune of meeting Danny over 10 years ago at a training I was doing. He was teaching the two-day course and was gracious enough to offer up his contact info to connect in the future. I couldn’t let the opportunity slip by so I reached out and he’s been a great friend (and mentor) since. Danny’s written some great books as well, including Back to Life, I Met Jesus for a Miller Lite & Abraham’s Diner.

I believe you’ll really be inspired by Danny’s wisdom.

You can listen on Apple or Spotify.

Thanks and have a great weekend!


P.S. check out more of Danny’s work here.


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